Berber Carpet Colors

What color is Berber carpet? Well, that depends. Many Berber carpets come in an off-white color with flecked dark spots. Some people unknowingly associate this unique coloring as part of Berber. In reality, it’s not. Berber carpet just describes the weave of the carpet. In other words, the looped textured appearance is the only standard with Berber carpet.

The Standard Color

Below are pictured three shades of the “standard” Berber carpet. They’re popular choices. One reason is that, before Berber was popular, this was a unique color style. Another reason is that this multicolored appearance acts as camouflage for dirt. For some people, as long as they can’t see their carpet is dirty, they don’t mind.

The multicolored fleck appearance comes in multiple shades, an off-white is probably the most common. However, you will also see anything from beige to gray. Notice that all of the traditional colored Berber carpets are only neutral colors.


offwhiteberbercarpet beigeberbercarpet dbberbercarpet


There is Some Color

Berber carpet colors aren’t limited to the neutrals. Burgundy reds are a nice color for Berber carpet and darker blues are also common. Since Berber is a somewhat more formal weave of carpet, you don’t see bright colors as often as some other styles such as shag. But when it comes down to it, any shade of any color can by dyed into a Berber carpet. Here are a couple of examples:


greenberbercarpet redberbercarpet blueberbercarpet


What color should you go with?

There’s really no right or wrong choice with Berber carpet. The traditional designs with dark flecks on a light colored background are more or less unique to Berber carpet and have the ability to show less dirt. However, you may also want to brighten up a room by throwing a colored Berber into the mix. Keep in mind that lighter colors are better for making rooms look more open and hiding seems, while darker colors are better for hiding stains and dirt.