Berber Carpet Tile

Berber carpet tiles are a great option for adding care-free elegance to your home. Carpet tiles are especially a good option for those who want to get creative with their carpet design, avoid installation fees, or those who frequently damage their carpet with drink spills and burns. This unique style of Berber carpet provides the utmost flexibility at a very affordable cost. There aren’t too many downsides to carpet tiles, but the few that we’ve experienced are listed below.

Best do-it-yourself carpeting

Carpet tile eliminates the needs for intricate fitting, stretching, and cutting that is common with typical wall-to-wall carpeting. This makes it a great option if you would like to install carpet yourself. Self-installation reduces costs and gives you added flexibility in the carpet design which result in a carpet. As long as you can measure a room, you (or the sales representative) can calculate the number of tiles you need. Then, it’s just up to you to lay the tiles. Keep in mind, some cutting may need to be done if it’s not an even fit, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Budget friendly

Since you can do-it-yourself, you will save on a big portion of carpeting costs. Our Berber carpet pricing page gives ballpark estimates of material costs. What these costs don’t include is the cost of installation. Installing wall-to-wall carpet is a time and labor intensive job, so it won’t be free. With tiles, you can have new Berber carpet and pay yourself the labor fee!

Easy to purchase

Carpet tiles are much easier to purchase than regular carpet. Tiles don’t require as much accuracy in room measurements, are relatively inexpensive, and do not require padding. Also, tiles give you more room for error since you can fix damaged spots by replacing one tile, as opposed to your entire carpet. All of these features make tiles the perfect type of carpet to buy online. So if you’re the type that buys shoes online, you may also want to consider buying your carpet tiles via the web. Even Amazon sells carpet tiles: Berber carpet tiles in multiple colors (by the way, if you do purchase through Amazon you get the added benefit of helping support this site because we get a small commission!)

Simple to replace

Have you ever had a spill, tracked in oil, or even worse, burnt your carpet? You think your carpet is ruined, and that portion of it may never be the same. Instead of leaving a black eye on your entire room, you can easily replace just the damaged tile. Problem solved!

Can be fashionable

For the creative homeowner, the flexibility of carpet tiles will satisfy their artsy side. The segmented nature of carpet tiles allows the homeowner to mix and match patterns, textures, and colors. Designs could be as complicated or simple as you desire. Just alternating the directions of the pattern can create a very classy look (see above picture). People who are more artsy than us will have a great time planning cool ways to make their room stand out. The possibilities are virtually endless with carpet tiles.

Drawback: can be unfashionable

We just explained why carpet tiles are fashionable. Now we’re saying they’re unfashionable? Before you write us off as crazy, we’d like to explain. Berber carpet tiles can be very fashionable if done right. However, it’s their flexibility that allows for fashionable designs, and with flexibility comes power. Therefore, if you don’t have an artistic side, it’s best to leave it up to someone who does. Store galleries are great for this—they pay people big bucks to design appealing displays, which should also look good in your home. Another caveat with carpet tiles is there seams can become apparent over time. If you do not plan on texturing the tiles, these seams may be difficult to hide. This is more of a concern as the tiles get older, as the corners may curl up slightly.

Is it right for you?

Berber carpet tiles are a great fit for those looking to do-it-yourself. Consumers on a budget, or those looking to create eye popping designs will find carpet tiles to be an amazing flooring option. It is also a great flooring choice for rooms prone to damage: spills, burns, etc. However, you may want to avoid carpet tiles if you don’t want a patterned or textured look; uniform carpet designs are better left to wall-to-wall carpet, as the seams between tiles may become apparent over time.