Types of Carpet Other than Berber

There are many different types of carpet from which to choose. Some share many similarities, and some have very different functions. While Berber carpet is the fastest growing in popularity, it is important to educate yourself on the other options available. We know this can be very difficult, so we have provided to-the-point descriptions of some of the other popular types of carpet on the market.


Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpefrieze-carpett is a tightly twisted type of cut pile carpet. If you’re unfamiliar, cut pile is often distinguished as not being a looped carpet (Berber is typically looped, although there are some exceptions). Frieze carpet is known to have short fibers that curl in different directions at the surface. This allows the frieze carpet to do a pretty good job hiding footprints, dirt, and vacuum streaks. Frieze is sometimes nicknamed “shag” because of its shaggy appearance. It comes in tighter and looser varieties–the looser varieties looking more “shaggy.” Frieze is becoming a top choice for family rooms and high traffic areas. Good frieze carpet can be slightly more expensive than many other types of carpet.


Saxony Carpet

Saxony saxony-carpetcarpet is known for its soft and luxurious appeal. It is another cut pile carpet. It is woven very densely and heat set straight. In other words, it is a dense carpet with fibers wound straight up. Contrary to how it may sound, this makes a very soft carpet: so soft that it is often described as plush. Saxony carpet has a great tendency to show footprints and vacuum strokes, which is a turnoff to some people. Saxony carpets come in textured and multiple colored varieties. Saxony is not extremely durable. The price is similar to nylon or wool Berber carpet depending on the materials with which the carpet is made.


Plush Carpet


Plush carpet is accurately described by its name. It is one of the more formal carpet options. It is very soft. Unless it is textured, it shows footprints a great deal. It only comes in uniform colors, but these colors have an elegant look with plush carpet. It is not known for its durability. But take care of it, and it should have a decent life time.

What type of carpet is the best bet?

We are lucky to have so many carpeting options; there is almost guaranteed to be something to fit your home’s needs. If you want to give your room a look of elegance and don’t plan on a lot of traffic (possibly a dining room or important office room), going with a saxony carpet or plush carpet would most likely be a great bet. If you want something more durable, take a look at frieze carpet or Berber carpet. Frieze carpet is known for its very soft feel like Berber made of wool or nylon. Berber is great in rooms that may change because Berber carpet has a tendency to fit in any room. It also may be the best choice for rooms where there are a lot of spills.