Mohawk Berber Carpet

One of the most popular Berber carpet manufacturers is Mohawk. They’re a giant in the industry and produce many different types of carpet and carpet coatings. This versatility gives you choices, but it also can make the shopping experience confusing. People often ask us are Mohawk carpets good quality? And is (insert branded fiber name here) a Mohawk carpet? Read the remainder of this article for answers to these questions to decide if Mohawk carpet is right for you.

Are Berber Mohawk carpets good quality?

This is a tough question to answer, mostly because there is no correct answer. Mohawk is a carpet manufacturer; it is not a specific type of Berber carpet. With this in mind, Mohawk does use exclusive brands of fibers and protectors in some of its Berber carpets. Most Mohawk carpets are made up of fibers that are higher quality than average. You are likely to find better stain protection and possibly better durability. Keep in mind, higher quality fibers doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality carpet—we’ll touch on this more later.

Brand Names of Mohawk Carpets


This is Mohawk’s brand name nylon carpet (although they actually introduced a PET version). To make matters more confusing they have different brand lines within this brand, these go by names Durasoft, Softtouch, and Scotchgard Advanced Repel. Softtouch is a softer nylon; the added comfort likely comes at the expense of a slight decrease in durability. Overall, Mohawk’s Wear-dated Berber carpets may provide better stain resistance than generic nylon Berber carpets, but other than that, there is likely not much special about them.


Everstrand Berber carpets are a PET Berber carpet. Most of these carpets are made with recyclable materials, but the durability is not great. There’s no reason to believe Mohawk’s version performs any differently.


The hallmark feature of this brand of Mohawk carpet is stain resistance. It is technically a polyester carpet, but its performance is more like a nylon. Consider the durability to be equal to nylon Berber carpet, and the stain resistance slightly better. For those who want an environmentally friendly version, you’ll want Smarstrand Sorona versus the less environmentally friendly Smartstrand Triexta. This is one of the up and coming popular carpet brands, check out more on Smartstrand Carpet.


This is a stain protector branded by Mohawk. It is possibly the biggest name in the stain protection industry, and it has a very solid reputation. It does its job well, but don’t let this allow you to believe your carpet is invinsible to spills and other stains.

The verdict on Mohawk Berber carpet

Mohawk carpets are often made of high-quality fibers, but many people are disappointed with the carpets. Disappointment comes from inflated expectations; people know carpets constructed with Mohawk fibers are high quality, so they end their research when they see the Mohawk brand name. This leads them to overlook many other important carpet construction characteristics such as twist level and face weight just to name a couple. With this in mind, pay attention to the details when buying your Mohawk Berber carpet, and you’re likely to end up very happy with your carpet purchase