Olefin Berber Carpet

olefin-berber-carpetYou’re on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. You’re given an image of a carpet sample, and the final question is, “What fiber is used to make this Berber carpet?” Guess olefin and feel free to donate us half of the winnings. In reality,

you couldn’t determine the type of fiber used in a picture of a carpet sample, but the point is most Berber carpet in homes and buildings today is of the olefin variety. Olefin’s popularity is likely due to it’s affordable price. It’s usually the cheapest way to have Berber in your home. Some people assume olefin’s popularity is a tribute to it’s quality. We’re not so sure.

Small price tag

Olefin Berber carpet is typically the least expensive in the Berber family. As with anything, the pricing will still vary. There are other important factors that account for the total price. While the type of fiber is possibly the biggest contributor, it is important to be educated on everything that goes into (or should go into) the price of a Berber carpet. This will allow you to get the best value for your money. For the price sensitive consumer (nearly everyone), make sure to check out our Berber carpet pricing page.

Stain resistant

Olefin Berber carpet is great against spills. Most liquids will run down the carpet fiber and fall to the backing of the carpet. Quickly blotting up spills will pick the liquid up right off of the backing of the carpet. This stain resistance is shared with all types of Berber carpet, but as explained in the previous paragraph, olefin Berber carpet may be the cheapest way to get this feature. Homes with children often find the stain resistance of Berber very appealing.


Similar to polyester, the list of drawbacks of olefin Berber carpet is longer than the list for the wool and nylon options. The primary distinguishing problem is crushing of the carpet. Repeated walking in certain areas or laying furniture in a specific area for an extended period of time will lead to the carpet fibers bending down (crushing) and never returning to regular form. Crushing not only leads to a dented appearance, but it can make the carpet look dirty due to lighting effects. You also want to make sure not to drag furniture on olefin Berber carpet. Olefin has a low flash point; in other words, the carpet can exhibit permanent scuff marks from heavy friction.

The verdict on olefin Berber carpet

Berber carpet is becoming a very popular choice. People admire its textured look and sometimes grainy color. Olefin Berber carpet allows people to floor their house with this coveted look at a very affordable price. However, anyone with an olefin Berber carpet or anyone who plans on purchasing it should educate themselves on the drawbacks. The drawbacks don’t have to be deal breakers—they aren’t for many people, but you want to make sure there are no surprises. Olefin Berber carpet may be great for those who have kids. It can give your house a nice, spill look that is spill resistant, while still maintaining to be an inexpensive flooring option.