Polyester (P.E.T.) Berber Carpet

pet-berber-carpetToday, we have the option of purchasing a very unique concept for a carpet fiber. It is a type of polyester Berber carpet called P.E.T. Berber carpet. PET Berber carpet is produced from 100% recycled bottle caps and tires. These caps come primarily from items such as soda and condiment bottles. If you have or plan on purchasing PET Berber carpet, you may have contributed the materials that construct the carpet!

Environmentally friendly

The most obvious advantage to polyester Berber carpet in the form of PET Berber carpet is the environmental impact (or lack thereof). Creating plastics and other synthetic materials is a dirty process. Anytime we can reuse those materials it helps our environment in two ways. It reduces the amount of new materials our factories have to pump out. Also, it reduces the amount of non-biodegradable material in our landfills.

Stain resistant

This goes for all of the different types of Berber carpet. PET Berber carpet is resistant to spills. Quick action to clean up a spill will leave little chance for a stain. The Berber weave is not very prone to absorbing liquids, so spills don’t stand much of a chance to stain the carpet.


Polyester Berber carpet is very prone to crushing and shading. These terms have been described with some of the other fibers, namely olefin. If you’re unclear, “crushing” is when a carpet’s fibers bend down and don’t reshape. This occurs when carpet has been walked on continuously, or more prominently, when furniture has been resting on the carpet. Polyester is the worst type of fiber in this aspect, which makes it not very durable. In addition, polyester fibers tend to lay down in one direction leading to shading. “Shading”, in this context, is a property of a carpet’s light reflection that makes it look dirty or shiny, depending on your perspective direction of the carpet. Either way, the carpet does not look healthy.

The verdict on polyester PET Berber carpet

We like the thought of PET Berber carpet. In our opinion, anytime you can simultaneously make a purchase and simultaneously make the world a better place is a great selling point. Unfortunately, polyester fibers make the worst carpets. They are not very durable and have an uncanny ability to look dirty, even when they are actually clean. So if the durability of your flooring is not high on the list of your priorities (maybe a guest bedroom, a mat to wipe your feet, or you just don’t care) and helping the environment is high on your list, you might want to consider P.E.T. polyester Berber carpet—the only fiber made out of recycled materials.