Shaw Berber Carpets

Shaw carpet is a major player in the carpet industry. This means they produce all types of carpets. Some are high quality and some are more economical (eg. lower quality). In this mix, there are many different styles and brands, and Berber carpet is definitely one option. So if you’re shopping for Berber carpet, chances are you will come across a Shaw carpet, so what does this mean? I’ll explain…

Brand names of Shaw carpets

To start, let’s clear up some of the confusion. Shaw is a manufacturer of carpet. This means they will have many different brands and sometimes sub-brands of carpet. You can think of brands as categories for the carpet manufacturers. There’s no rules for the categories—they can do it any way they like. A brand could be only red carpets but any style of red carpet: eg. red frieze, red Berber, red shag. Or a brand could be by how durable the carpet is, eg. carpets they expected to last over 10 years may be in one brand line while carpets expected to only last 5 years are in another brand line. When shopping for Berber carpet, just realize that you’ll run into many brands, and they will have generic names like “Queen” or “Philadelphia,” but they might tell you a lot about the carpet. Here’s a few common examples for Shaw:


Sutton is a brand under Shaw which specializes on creating Berber carpets. It is highly recognized for its patterned loop designs. Also, it has another brand under it known as Couture which caters to a higher end and luxurious carpeting. Theirs is nothing too fancy about these Berber carpets, but they are a major brand so you should expect acceptable quality. If you like Shaw carpet and are in the market for Berber, this is where you should start. Many of the other Shaw brands do not have Berber in their line, but they still might be worth checking out if you’re not positive you want Berber. Below are 2 of the most popular:


Philadelphia carpet is the broadest and oldest Shaw carpet line which was first established in 1946. It is a respected Shaw brand. However, choosing Philadelphia brands can be a bit tiresome since literally, there are hundreds of choices to choose from. Many consumers say that it is a good brand most specifically in doing well with stains. Shaw pushed to have their Philadelphia line in many stores across the country, so it’s one of the most common brands of carpet out there.

Cabin Crafts

Cabin Crafts was established in 1932 by WestPoint Pepperell and was bought by Shaw in 1987. It is widely distributed since then. Many buyers love this line because it has many options, so they’re likely to find one they like.

Is Shaw Berber the best carpet for my home?

Knowing whether Shaw Berber is best for you can be a very difficult question to answer. First, you need to determine your needs. Shaw Berber carpets don’t have any particular features that makes it a must have over other brands, but it is a very solid, well-known brand worth checking out. I say this with all brand name carpets, but it’s important to remind you: don’t assume that just because a carpet is a major brand, it will be great quality. Shaw will have high quality Berbers, but the Shaw name does not guarantee high quality. Treat it like any other carpet you would purchase and do your homework. If you are interested in Shaw Berber, check out the Sutton brand.