Invista’s Stainmaster Berber Carpet

Stainmaster carpet is a carpet fiber brand originally created by DuPont in 1986. It has become one of the biggest carpet names in the industry because it offers one feature that everybody would love to have – high stain resistance. It was revolutionary for its stain resistance at the time and really changed the carpet industry. Despite this, there were still complaints regarding the new carpet. Much of this was likely due to extraordinarily high expectations for the carpet. To know where stainmaster Berber is right for you, read on.

One quick note before we start, you may have noticed that in the title we have “Invista Stainmaster,” but at the beginning of the paragraph we state it was created by DuPont. Both are true—it was created by DuPont but later bought by carpet mongrel Invista.

Should I choose Stainmaster Berber?

Stainmaster Berber carpets are soil and stain resistant. However, it doesn’t make your Berber carpets totally stain free. Chemists of this particular brand found a way to resist soil and stains from acid based products (e.g. Gatorade, Kool-Aid). This was a one of a kind feature that had many families asking about this unique carpet. Unfortunately, some people thought that the carpet would be invincible against stains and soil, which led to many complaints. If you have spill prone children or pets, you may want to consider Stainmaster but don’t expect miracles.

Brand names of Stainmaster

Brand namesand versions for Stainmaster carpets can be very confusing. To keep it all straight, it’s important to understand that Stainmaster is a brand of carpet fiber. Therefore, there are many sub-brands that utilize Stainmaster fiber. There are too many of these brands to cover, but I will cover some of the common versions of Stainmaster carpet:

General Stainmaster Carpet

This sounds redundant, but plain “Stainmaster carpet” is the lower level of all the Stainmaster versions. It still utilizes high quality nylon fiber, specifically type 6,6 nylon, and their patented Teflon stain resistance. However, it’s not as premium of a version as the others listed below.

Stainmaster Xtra Life Carpet

This version is highly recommended for couples with children. It has the ability to last long while retaining its appearance. It has the original technology “Teflon protectant.” In addition, it is supposed to be a stronger nylon that is more resistant to abrasions and blossoming. The added toughness in this carpet is backed up in the warranty. The stain protection warranty is the same, but some parts of the warranty pertaining to the breakdown of the carpet fiber are extended.

Other Brands and Versions

There will be many other brands and versions of Stainmaster. Some brand names will just indicated different styles of carpet (eg. plush, frieze, or Berber), some will indicate the carpets are better for specific uses: exposed to sunlight, kids, or more of an economy version. There should be a description of each different type of this carpet. Just keep in mind, manufacturer descriptions may be generic and not tell you much. If this is the case, try comparing the warranties. Warranties can often be tricky and not straight forward, but they are a good way to compare carpets from the same brand—in other words, if Stainmaster gives one carpet a longer warranty than another, they must think it’s higher quality.

Deciding on Stainmaster Berber

Berber carpets made with Stainmaster are typically high quality carpets. For homeowners who want good stain resistance, this might be a good starting point. Keep in mind, different brands within Stainmaster will have varying levels of durability—if durability is an issue, make sure to read into the specific brand. To summarize, the Stainmaster brand means you are getting a nylon carpet with Teflon stain resistance, but it does not tell you much about how well the carpet is constructed.