Wool Berber Carpet

olefin-berber-carpetYou get what you pay for—it may be cliché but holds very true when describing wool Berber carpet. You don’t see wool Berber carpet in too many homes, but interestingly, some of the characteristics we hear describing Berber carpet are really only accurate descriptors of the wool variety. The wool fiber’s power is derived from its natural makeup. Like the name suggests, wool Berber carpet is woven from sheep fur, giving the carpet some very luxurious features.

Children’s favorite

The natural Berber carpet ensures your children aren’t crawling or rolling around on a form of plastic, such as olefin and the other popular synthetics. Wool Berber carpets are generally non-toxic and hypoallergenic. In addition, a natural carpet fiber such as wool has the ability to improve the air quality in your home.


The comfort of wool fiber is also a major plus. It is a very soft fiber, so you’ll enjoy the cushioned feel as you walk on it. This softness along with the loop design creates a sound dampening effect. Again, a great attribute of the carpet for those with children.


The same properties that give it the cushioning feel allow it to be very resistant to crushing and shading. Crushing and shading are a couple of the common complaints with some of the popular types of Berber carpet (check out polyester for more details). Wool Berber carpet has a unique ability to “bounce back” and keep its natural form. This allows wool Berber carpet to outlast many of the other flooring options.

Stain resistant

Stain resistance is a common theme for across the board for Berber carpet. Wool Berber carpet has a natural ability to repel soil and other contaminants. This makes it a good choice in areas where there is a lot of traffic from outside. Some Berber carpet fibers have an affinity toward oil. Wool Berber carpet doesn’t, making it a better choice if you may be tracking in oil or asphalt (although this is never good for the appearance of any carpet).


So what are the drawbacks of wool Berber carpet? Cost aside, there really is not much bad to say. Wool comes with a much heftier price tag than other varieties. Wool Berber carpet may also be a little more delicate than some of the synthetic Berbers. If you make the investment in wool, make sure to read the manufactures manual on caring for the carpet.

The verdict on wool Berber carpet

Cost aside, wool Berber carpet is the best option. Unfortunately, it is also significantly more expensive. Despite the higher cost, wool Berber may very well still hold the title of best value. A well made and taken care of wool Berber carpet can last for a very long time. Thinking of it as an investment, wool Berber comes with the highest cost up front, but it will likely be a long time before you have to purchase carpet again. Nevertheless, the above information should help you decide if splurging on wool Berber carpet is the right move for your home. One important fact that was not mentioned earlier, if you want to go green, wool Berber is your carpet. Sheep grow back their fur naturally, so it reduces the amount of factories necessary to produce carpet fiber.