traditional Berber carpet lookGuide to Berber Carpet

As the go-to guy on carpet, I received by far more questions on Berber carpet than any other style. The reason? It’s more popular than any other style, and it has unique features that some people love and some people hate. I’m here to set the record straight and give you honest tips, pros and cons, and any other information you could want on Berber carpet. Many people find this refreshing after they’ve researched Berber for others only to find conflicting opinions on the carpet.

The unique thing about this website is I don’t sell Berber or any other type of carpet–never have, never will. But I do know the carpet industry. I created this site as a way to answer the hundreds of questions I receive on Berber. You could call it a “diary” of the many common questions I receive and the answers I give. Of course, if there’s anything you don’t find answered here, you are more than welcome to email me–who knows, you may inspire the next page on this site.

Berber Carpet Shoppers

Shopping for carpet is confusing and time intensive; it can take quite a bit of effort to truly understand the process. Many people trust the opinions of friends, family, and salesman to avoid the headaches that come with educating themselves, but this is usually a mistake. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and making a blind carpet purchase is a good way to end up with money down the drain. If Berber carpet is on your shopping radar, this website gives you the up-to-date, concise and unbiased information you need to decide if Berber carpet is right for your home, and if it is, how to buy it. Berber carpet’s unique style doesn’t end with its appearance. For instance, the padding, installation, and amount of carpet required are unique for Berber carpet. Don’t sweat it though: read our website, and you’ll know whether Berber is right for you, and if so, exactly what you need.

Not sure you want Berber carpet? Carpet Captain has a great summary of different styles of carpet, and overall is a very useful site if you’re wanting general tips on how to buy carpet. Much of the general information on this site comes from there.

Berber Carpet Owners

Let me be the first to congratulate all the Berber carpet owners on their choice. It truly is a beautiful style of carpet. It’s important to enjoy your new carpet, but also be educated on how to properly care for it. Berber carpet requires special attention to cleaning and general care. We cover some of the hot topics, so you can ensure your carpet doesn’t disappoint.

How To Use This Site

All of the major pages on this website you can access to the side (or below the page if you are on a smartphone). You will see links divided into categories. I suggest carpet shoppers interested in Berber begin by reading the “Berber Carpet Shoppers” section to make sure Berber is something you want. Once you’ve completed this section (or if you already are certain you are going to by Berber), move on to the “Types of Berber” and “Berber Carpet Brands.” Not all Berber is created equal, and these pages will make sure you don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re getting something that your not.

Finally Berber carpet owners can check out the pages in the “Berber Carpet Owners” section on how to clean and repair your carpet. It’s also worth your time to read the page only on your type and brand of Berber, as well the page on pros and cons to get a better feel for your carpet, so you know how to keep it for the long haul.